Not only in size, but in helping others Prabahs is a big man with a big heart. He has donated 4 crores for Corona relief fund to the Telugu people. While Mahesh being a big hero gave just one crore,, Prabhas has given Rs 4 crore.

Prabhas will remain in history for the Baahubali collections. His Saaho also did well in Bollywood. Now he is doing a movie under the direction of Radhakrishna.

Puri Jagannath is looking at Prabahs for doing a movie. But in between came the director of Mahnati for Prabhas. He did a movie for the international audience it is reported.

Ashwini Dutt will be the producer for the movie. The movie was offered to Chiranjeevi, but the mega hero suggested the name of Prabhas for this movie.

Now Prabhas will be working with Nag Aswin and Ashwini Dutt will be doing the movie for the Pan international audience. The movie will be dibbed in many languages.

Another movie is also being planned for Prabhas under UV Banner from Krishnam Raju, the uncle of Prabhas. At the same time, Prabahs is trying to get married, but nothing is happening for him.

He is yet to like and love a girl.