Mega Star Chiranjeevi has posted a photo on Instagram where he is water the plants in his garden. This my duty during the lockdown he stated. Not only Chiranjeevi, but the Union Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy was also seen watering the plants in his quarters at new Delhi. Which means he is also observing the lockdown due to Corona. While Chiranjeevi is watering plans, some of them are doing Yoga, som others are doing meditation.

Some of them are spending time cooking their favourite dishes. Some of them are working from home. Chiranjeevi, Mahesh and NTR have advised the people to stay at home to stop the Corona from spreading.

Some heroes are calling the new directors for story narration. Most leading ladies are improving their beauty and also figures for the coming schedules in the near future.

NTR and Trivikram are having sittings for the coming movie. Most of them are utilising the time in a productive manner. Bu some cine workers are having no workers and daily wages. They are to be taken care of by the Industry people.