Popular Publicity designer Eeshwar passes away


Tollywood poster designer Eshwar Passed away due to health reasons. He has been designing publicity design posters for the movies for a long time.

Eshwar was 84 and stayed in Chennai. He was associated with the movie industry for several decades. He was no ordinary artist and, with time, his expertise was duly acknowledged. Besides several state awards, Eswar was invited to the then USSR by the Indo-Soviet Cultural Society and later to Hollywood to study their poster making techniques.

He was also nominated for a special category in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only individual to have designed more than 2,000 film posters.

He hails from the West Godavari district. He has written a book called cinema poster.

Eswar earlier in an interview said posters were made for different occasions and not only during the release of the film.

“We used to make posters to celebrate every milestone of the film. The posters were differentiated in size to mark the 50th or 100th day of a film. All the posters were manually done with the help of my assistants. We took approximately two months for a film and we used to do 10 films per month,” said Eswar.

In 2011, Eswar released his book “Cinema Poster”, which highlights the developments in the poster designing industry between 1931 and 2000, the year he retired.