Anchor Suma is exceeding her limits


Suma is a great Anchor there’s no doubt about it. But these days she is behaving in an overconfident manner. The introductions are very lengthy, she is not giving scope for the guests to speak.

Sometimes she is giving answers and also questions, leaving the guests high and dry. Even at the launch function of Love Story, Chiranjeevi and Suma conveniently hijacked the function.

Chiranjeevi made it a general function and Suma tried to woo Chiranjeevi. Finally, the promotion for the movie was very less. Directo Shekar Kammula was nowhere in the function.

The music director who is supposed to be the master of ceremony was made to sit in the audience. It was a botched up launch function actually.

It will be good if Suma can limit her to the part of anchoring and control herself. She always exudes confidence and that is where she hijacks the function.