Poaching before polling -Election 2018

uttam kcr

There could be jumping jacks in both the parties in Telangana. Both the Congress and TRS are trying to take lawmakers into their fold from other parties. The TRS is working on taking maximum Congress leaders into its fold and at the same time, Congress is also working in the same manner.

This could happen just before the polling that is December 7. So that either of the parties may get a jolt. Congress has got an MP already from TRS in the form of Konda Vishweshwar Reddy.

 uttam kcr owaisi

Now Congress is trying for some more from the TRS. But the TRS is also trying its best to take some key leaders of the Congress into its fold. While the campaign is going on, at a brisk pace, the poaching game is also continuing behind the curtains. There could be some surprises also after the polling day and before the results.

The results will also change the equations. The winning party might get lawmakers from the other party for the sake of power. Opportunists are there in both the parties and they are just waiting to see who would win the elections.