Prime Minister Narendra Modi might address the Nation today explaining them on the need for the reorganisation bill of Jammu and Kashmir. He will talk on repealing the article 70 and ending the special status to Jammu and Kashmir and making Laddakh as the Union Territory.

Soon after the Kashmir reorganisation bill, the relations with Pakistan have been changing for the worse and that there is a warlike situation between Pakistan and India.

When people thought that Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan was coming close to the PM Modi, the reorganisation bill has changed the equations for the worse.

The reorganisation bill has been passed in both the houses of the parliament with a good majority. Home Minister Amit Shah was appreciated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the parliament over the achievement.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister is also scheduled to address the nation for the Independence day from the Redfort. So he has to gear up for making two speeches in the future and the content has to be different.

One will be on the division of Jammu and Kashmir and the other would be in general on the developments in the country. He is bound to speak against Pakistan and it’s you turn on the relations with India.

We can say that the cold war has already begun between India and Pakistan with the developments that took place in Jammu and Kashmir. There is also a lull before the storm in J and K.