Does Narendra Modi have children? No we do not know. Either Modi or his wife should be able to tell us about this. When it comes to reality Modis are not staying together and his wife has complained in the police station against Modi and she wants to stay with Modi.

Now a model is claiming that she is daughter to Modi. She is very popular and has he surname of Modi it is reported. Her name is  Avani Modi and a popular calendar girl.

Narendra Modi’s fame reached a higher notch after the stunning win in the UP elections.This charismatic and aggressive Modi has taken BJP to the next level.Avani Modi, a model-actor created a huge uproar with her sensational  statement. Avani claims herself as the daughter of Narendra Modi, which made headlines in the media .
PM Modi has a daughter!

Avani Modi claimed that she is  the daughter of PM Modi just like every girl in Gujarat is. It was  time when Avani Modi was asked in an interview in Mumbai following which she captured the attention of the people.But she proudly replied that she is the daughter of Modi.

After all Modi says every girl is like a daughter to him and addresses the crowd as Bayeo Baheno. On being asked about her surname and her relation with the Prime Minister, the model replied, “Narendra Modi is not related to me, but we share a stronger connection than that. I am Narendra Modi’s daughter. Not just me, every girl hailing from Gujarat is like Narendra Modi’s daughter.”

The sexy Calendar Girl and actress became popular with this. Avani Modi also clarified that she is not really related to PM Modi in her later discussion.