PK thinks TDP might lose

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s statement that he is not going to support any political party in the Nandyal by-elections has come as a big blow to the Telugu Desam Party, which was hoping to capitalize on Kapu votes.

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Pawan categorically denied the reports appearing in a section of media that his party would support TDP as it was yet to evolve as a full-fledged party.

However people say Pawan was planning for supporting the TDP if not overtly but at least covertly. But he had obtained a feedback from his fans and followers in Seemandhra that the TDP was going to lose the Nandyal by-elections.YSRC may win this time.

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If the Jana Sena extends its support to a losing horse like the TDP, it will lose its own credibility is the broad thinking.

So, it is better to remain neutral rather than supporting the losing side!