Pavan and Trivikram to produce films

Pavan and Trivikram

During the time of Agnathavasi Pawan Kalyan the hero, Trivikram the director wanted to do films together. But after the failure of Agnathavasi, they could not work together.

But Trivikram as a mentor helped Pavan to do the fil Vakeel Saab and brought back Pavan into the industry. Pavan is maha kush that it was Trivikram who finalised the film Vakeel Saab for Trivikram and also selected Venu Sriram as the director.

He has overseen the project in the background and Pavan is back with a bang. Now they have decided again that they will come together and do movies shortly.

Right now Trivikrma is working with Mahesh Babu and after that, he will do a movie with Pavan Kalyan. Trivikrma has become the backbone of the Telugu film Industry and the people in the industry always go to him for advice.

NTR treats him like a brother. Trivikram is like a brother to Pavan. So after releasing the NTR movie, Pavan will start working with Trivikrma the next summer.

Right now Pavan has 4 movies on hand with different directors and he is busy till the next year-end. Right now Pavan is undergoing treatment for Corona and is under isolation.