Pan India movies and multi-starrers are the in thing


How to make more money is the latest thinking in Tollywood. One way of making more money is to go for Pan India movie. Make on movie and release in many languages.

It will give you more than double the income that you have invested. The other way invest more in a multistarrer and reap rich dividends. Invlve stars from all the languages and make more money.

Now the industry producers are planning to make a movie with Chiranjeevi and Mahesh together in the name of a multistarrer. Prabhas, Allu Arjun and next NTR are planning and working in the Pan India movies.

Earlier Baahubali was released in the same fashion as a Pan India movie and the producers made around Rs 1000 crore. Now a film star is charging around Rs 100 crore as remuneration to start with Prabhas.

Pushpa in two parts as a Pan India movie will get good remuneration for Allu Arjun. NTR with Koratal Shiva is planning for a Pan India movie. Mahesh with Trivikram are trying for a Pan India movie.

Lets hope all this is going to happen in the coming months from July onwards.