CBI probing YS Vivekas death for 15 days


The CBI Team has been probing into the murder of former MP Vivekananda Reddy for the last 15 days. Erra Gangi Reddy is being questioned for the last 4 days in this connection.

Viveka’s daughter Sunitha has sought police protection as she is afraid that the people behind her father’s murder might eliminate her. She has named a YSRC MP in this regard.

Viveka is CM YS Jagans uncle. So far no pucca breakthrough has been achieved. More than a dozen people were questioned in this connection. The murder was reported just before the elections.

The evidence was erased after the murder. His body was washed and stitched before the police came in for the investigation. First, it was reported as a heart attack by one of the MP.

Later they said Viveka slipped in the bathroom and got injured. Late in the night, there was news that he was axed to death. Now the CBI is probing into the murder after his daughter went all the way to Delhi and complained about it.

There are rumours that the MP who is very close to CM Jagan could have eliminated Vivekananda Reddy just before the election, to avoid competition for the MP seat Kadapah.