Old-guard to stay till 2021


Ravi Shastri the old guard will continue as the coach of Indian Tem till 2021. The committee headed by former cricketer Kapildev has announced this yesterday.

Shashtri is one cricketer who knows the cricket very well and is a man who deals with the players in the proper format.

The Indian team did well and has won many series after Ravi took over as the head coach. He is close to both Dhoni and also Kohli. It was Kohli and Ravi who selected Doni for the last world cup. But unfortunately, Doni could not deliver depending on the circumstances.

Since Ravi is back with the team India, it has to be seen if Dhoni would join the team again. The Indian team still thinks that Dhoni is an asset and his presence makes all the difference for the team.

To select the right person for the job, the CAC spent several hours to accommodate the different time zones from where the applicants gave their presentations. The focal area of these presentations was the plan of how they’d like to take Indian cricket forward. In the end, it was decided that Ravi Shastri was the right man for the job. He had an edge over the other applicants as he was with the team for over two years now. Five parameters were given to the CAC to make a decision.

1.Coaching Philosophy
2.Experience of coaching
3.Achievements in coaching
5.Knowledge of modern coaching tools. Finally, Ravi Shashtri fitted into the scheme of selectors.