Srireddy Shakeela

Shakeela is a character actor who turned into a sexy star depending upon the film industry and market conditions. After doing some sexy roles she became very popular and after some time she was not seen on the screen. Shakeela did not get opportunities even after exposing to a large extent for the silver screen.

Shakeela said that she had no issues even after exposing her upper body to a larger extent. She had not faced casting couch also in the film industry. Talking about the issues in the film industry, Shakeela said that she cannot reveal everything and expose everyone in the name of the casting couch.

Shakeela clarified that she was not like Sri Reddy. It may be noted hat Srireddy exposed to many stars, made allegations of so many actors and tried to get some mileage out of it.

Shakeela made a come back with Sampoornesh babu as his mother. Shakeela said that she came to the industry on her own and that there was no godfather and she would not blame anyone for her career and opportunities. She is happy that she could make a come back with Kobbarimatta.

Sampoornesh is the hero and Shakeela is his mother in the movie. The movie is doing average business it is reported. Both the hero and mother Shakeela have their own market in the industry. Shakeela is popular in other languages also.