Medical secretary Luv Agarwal

Thousands of nurses are being trained online stated Medical secretary Luv Agarwal. He was addressing the media here on the Corona. Agarwal said that the central Governments response was much before the declaration of WHO.

He said that the people must follow the guidelines levied by the central and state Government. Physical distancing and lockdown must be done completely.

It should be done for himself and also his family apart from his state and also the country. The people must break the lockdown and they must observe all the restrain Agrawalurged.

Private albas are being taken into confidence for further testing of the cases and getting them treated at the earliest. The cases are going up in the country.

On the other hand yesterday there was an announcement from the official sources that the lockdown may not be extended further. It looks like the stage is going above the second level at this point in time.

This is a challenging period agreed Luv Agarwal. The Corona test criteria have been changed and the number of cases is going up. In the next 10 days, more cases are bound t be reported.

This will definitely help in breaking the chain of the virus.