Harish Rao


It is learnt that Harish Rao the Minister for Finance from Telangana could not get the protocol arrangements for the TTD darshan. There are reports that getting a darshan itself was difficult for him this time for the Mukkoti Ekadasi.

On the other hand, the Minister and the son of KCR the Telangana chief Minister KTR got all the importance and he was received there by the YSRC leaders along with the family.

KTR was seen touching the Dwajasthanmbam along with his family members. It is reported that Damodar Rao the TTD board member had to intervene and see that Harish got proper darshan of the lord but with great difficulty.

The TTD officers don’t give any importance to the letters that are issued to the pilgrims from Telangana by Harish Rao. We do not know what really is the reason.

But this time for the Ekadasi Harish faced lot of difficulties and the protocol as the Minister was not given to him. There was a huge rush for the Ekadasi as the VIPs poured in from both the states along with the celebrities.

It would have been different if he accompanied KTR for Darshan. Both of them would have got the same and good treatment. But there is no news from Harish on this account.

It is learnt that Harish wanted to return from TTD even without having he Darshan of the Lord. But he was convinced by Damodar Rao.