Mohan Babu may join BJP!

modi Mohan Babu


There are rumours that Mohan Babu the senior actor and the relative of AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy might join the BJP sooner or later. He recently joined the YSRC but could not get any post.

He was an MP from the TDP earlier during the NTR regime. Today he has met the Prime Minister Modi along with the family members. Earlier also he did meet the PM.

But there is no confirmation as yet if he would join the BJP or not. He was expecting a big plum post from the YSRC for abusing the LOP Chandrababu Naidu.

He has joined the YSRC just before the elections. YSRC has won the election, but even after being the relative of Jagan he could not get any post so far.

Manchu Manoj the son of Mohnbabu is married to the brother of YSR brothers daughter by name Veronica. Latest is that there is no proper response from Jagan. Now we have to see if Mohan Babu joins the BJP in the near future.