Muncipoll begins in TS



The voting for the Municipal elections has begins in the state of Telangana. The voting is being conducted for 9 corporations and 120 municipalities.

The results will be announced on 25th. Around 1240 observers are overseeing the election. The polling started around 7 am in the morning and it will be allowed till 5 PM in the evening.

Thousands of police are overseeing the election here to avoid any untoward incidents. The TRS has a clear edge over the Congress and BJP here.

While KTR the Municipal administration is in Davos, KCR the chief Minister and president of the party has left it to the local leaders this time. The responsibility has been left on the local in-charge minister and was also warned that if they don’t win they might lose the power.

The people were lured with all kinds of things time for the elections.

Congress and BJP are nowhere when compared to the TRS. The TRS has already won some wards unanimously. Chief Minister KCR who is having a slight fever is overseeing the election from Pragathi Bhavan.

On an average so far around 20 per cent of polling was recorded across the polling booth by 10 AM in the morning.