Jaanu and Jaan-coming soon

Janu Jan


Darling Prabhas is coming up with a movie called as Jaan and Sherwnand is working for a movie called Jaanu for Dil Raju that is Srivenkateshwara Movies.

Prabha’s is doing the romantic movie for UV creations his own home production. The title Jaanu is final and boxed. It is yet to e confirmed if the title Jaan for Prabahs is finalised or not.

Both are romantic movies and are being finished on a fast track basis. Sherwanand as a hero is doing well and going ahead with his own pace and he is not a competitor to anyone in the industry.

But Prabhas after the success of Baahubali is yet to make a mark in the industry. His Saahoo was a disaster in the Telugu states. Now Prabhas is craving for a good hit and he has to make come back.

It is reported that apart from Rajamouli the regular directors like Surendar are looking at Prabahs for clinching a deal to make a good movie. Syeraa was a hit given by Surendar and now he wants to make a movie with Prabhas.

Right now Prabahs is concentrating on his Jaan. We do not know if the title is to be changed or not.