India is a tremendous market and we have a great relationship with India said US President Donald Trump. He was addressing the media here at Hotel Maurya.

Corona is in control in USA he said. India has not much of a problem with Korona he said. He talked about the Chopper deal. Trump said that India and USA have signed a pact on Energy.

He also said that he signed a 3 billion dollar chopper deal with India. Trump also told that they are looking forward to the dinner being hosted by the President of India.

The Russain role in the USA elections was exaggerated he said. It is a terrible thing to say. India also wants peace with the Taliban and with minimum violence.

We don’t want to kill millions of people we want peace he said. The Taliban peace deal will help he opined. It was a great welcome and great meeting with PM Modi he said.

He said that America will target the Islamic Radicals. Modi is working hard on religious freedom and we did not discuss CAA in details said, Trump.

Nobody got the reception that we got in India. The people have lined up from Airport to the Stadium and it was a great compliment to USA. Delhi unrest is an internal matter dismissed Trump.

We discussed a lot on Terrorism and we will deal with it. Modi is calm but a very tough man, we will take care of it he said. India is a very brave nation and we have to deal with Chian and we will do it he assured.

I want no help from any country for my election clarified Trump.