trump speech

I have nothing to do with the CAA and India will take the right decision he opined. He said that the Kashmir issue can be resolved between Pakistan and India and if required USA will mediate to resolve the tangle.

I respect Pm Modi Tremendoulsy and we will work out very well. We are engaging Pakistan too he said. India has 200 million Muslims and Modi is working closely working with them he said.

trump modi

India has a lot of potential in the coming 50 years he opined. India has got a phenomenal future. Modi and I did not discuss the CAA and we discussed on religious freedom at length Trump replied.

Trump said that some of the scribes are on plane and that they can discuss further on the plane. I respect PM Modi and I admire India he said. PM Modi will deal with the terror he opined.

On Kashmir, he said that there are two sides of the story.