Telangana welfare schemes have become a role model for the BJP now. They have introduced all the welfare schemes and other programs being implemented by the KCR Government here in Telangana. The election manifesto given by the Karnataka BJP is nothing but the summary of TRS programs being implemented for the common man here.

Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bageeradha, Kalyana Laksmi are some schemes being promised by the BJP here in Karnataka. The farm loan waiver up to Rs one lakh is the biggest sp being promised for the people of Karnataka. The BJP leaders have taken a leaf from Jayalalithaa also. It is the Rs 5 food being served from Amma Canteens. Karnataka government is also promising the Rs 5 food from the canteens across the state.

Even some schemes being implemented in the state by the Congress were repackaged and presented in a fresh format. This is a common practice by the various government. Cycles, laptops and all other things were promised by various political parties just for the elections.


Many times PM Narendra Modi and other union Ministers openly praised the strategy and measures being adopted by KCR in terms of welfare schemes. The took the project reports from the TS Government. The officials were also asked to study and improve the implementation of the project so that they reach the common man properly.

Most of the Governments are looking at Telangana now on the fast track of development being achieved by the TRS Government.