Amitabh Bachchan the Don of Tollywood says that his son Abhishek will be with him till his last breath. Family means staying together and that is our culture that the Big B believes in. Amitabh says if the children become 18 and above they are sent out and are kept away from the family and that is not good he opined.

These days some people commented that the small B is unable to get out of the shadows of the Big b. To that the father said, his son will be with him till his last breath. He borrows my shoes and sometimes my clothes also and I feel proud of my son.

Family means staying together

We are there for each other and we will be together till my last breath. This is Indian culture he narrated.

Big B has got a release now with 102 not out where he is acting as a very old person with grey hair. The film has got some good reviews and on the acting abilities of Big B.

Earlier there were rumours for Aishwarya getting divorced so on and so forth. All those were just rumours and they are a good well-respected family closely knitted together.