Pm Narendra Modi said that he would break the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi’s Fatwa and would give the slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai 10 times. I will start the campaign with Bharat mata Ki Jai, who is Rahul to stop me Modi questioned. Earlier Rahul said that Modi Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogan and then supports Ambanis the rich tycoons. I will break the naamdaars fatwa and would recite Bharat Maata Ki jai he stated. Modi was speaking at a rally in Sikar district of Rajasthan.


No one can stop me from giving the Bharat Maata slogans Modi challenged. Rahul chided at Modi saying instead of using Bharat mata name , Modi must say Ambani ki jai. Chiksi Ki jai so on and so forth. But Modi shot back saying that it was not right on the part of Rahul to stop the slogan of Bharat Mata. Modi gave a call that the people of Sikhar should not allow Congress here in Rajasthan. They must teach them a lesson. They are becoming anti-nationals Modi opined.