Balakrishna the star campaigner for Kutami goofed up again. He wanted to sing Sare Jaha se achchan.. But he could not get the words properly. He started Sare Jaja se Achchan and then said Bull-bull bull bull.. Could not continue the song. He tried to talk in Hindi but could not continue for long. He could not say Hum bull bull hai isike -Yeh gulsita hamara.He ended up saying bull bull -bull bull and people enjoyed it . He tried to talk against KCR and reservations but could not convey the same.


he was wearing a skull cap to appease the Muslims, but could not impress them. In the same fashion earlier Balakrishna talked about his brother Harikrishnas death. He stated that it was surprise and celebration that his brother died of an accident. He is unable to control what he is talking. He means something and utters something else. It looks like his campaign will not work for Kutami. There were no crowds to listen to him. It is better the Kutami avoids Balakrishna.