Mixed response for Whistle: Movie review


Atlee could not blow the Whistle properly for Vijay. The new movie which has been dubbed as Whistle is getting mixed reactions. The first half is somewhat dragging and the other half is full of football matches.

Atlee the popular director tried to something like the other form of Checkde India, but it is just Ok. Nothing earthshaking happened. Vijay Vijay the hero did his part well with Nayanatara . Nayan is, as usual, ornamental addition to the movie.

The second half is like heavy metal and it can be done in a better manner. There is a better response for Bigil in Tamilnadu when compared to the Telugu audience. But the die-hard fans of Vijay are enjoying it.

The whistle blown by Vijay is not properly heard by the audience to be precise. It looks like the movie is made in a hurry and is an inspiration from other sports movies.
Overall it is Ok.