Dhonis fate hangs in balance


The new BCCI chief Ganguly met the Indian cricket team captain Kohli and the vice-captain Rohith. They talked about the coming matches of T 20 and test matches. Rohith has been made the captain for the T 20 and Kohli will lead the test match against Bangladesh.

Ganguly knows the cricket well and has taken some decisions where good players were included and they can easily replace Dhoni. The team is now looking for young vicket keepers.

On the other hand, there was no decision taken on the future of MS Dhoni. It is reported that Dhoni would practice in the coming local matches so that he comes into the required form again.

So far neither the BCCI nor Dhoni have made any statements. We do not know if he wants to continue or take retirement. When it comes to the team the opinion is divided on Dhoni.

But Dhoni as such is a very good player and can contribute a lot to the game and also for the bright future of the young players. He should be with the team to train them for the future.

There are also rumours that he would be joining the BJP. But one thing is for sure that he will be given an opportunity to prove himself. We have to see of Dhoni would try to make a come back into the international cricket.

Legends like Gavaskar have stated that Dhoni must go home.