Mega family graph comes down!


After the MAA elections, the Graph of Chiranjeevi and Mega family has come down. They are just trying to put on a brave face. They are trying to malign Mohan babu by making allegations.

But Mohan Babu is also a brave man and will not budge so easily. Even after the announcement of resignations to the EC posts, Manchu Vishnu has just ignored the development and has taken over as the chief.

But the talk in the industry is that the mega family members are losing their grip over the industry. Chiranjeevi has lost the so-called peddarikam by supporting Prakash and losing the election.

Pawan Kalyan the other member of the family was snubbed by Posani Krishna Murali who made personal allegations. It will take some time for Naga Babu also to come out of the debacle that he is facing from the MAA voters.

He had no other option but to resign.