Long live Balayya- Long live, Long live


Mohan Babu was a maha thrilled person with the down to earth attitude of Balakrishna. Mohan Babu is fully convinced that Vishnu has won the MAA elections because of the support extended by Balakrishna and his followers in full.

Balakrishna and Mohan Babu went to the house of Balaiah Babu in person and thanked him for the outright support. They are also planning to meet Chiranjeevi even though he has asked Vishnu to withdraw from the election.

The idea is to take all of them together and run the show for MAA.

Responding to the resignations of the other party, Vishnu stated that he want positivity and want the members who have won from Prakash Raj’s panel as well to work with him hand in hand.

Saying that Balayya has no attitude and a high level of cultured manners, Mohan Babu felt that Balayya didn’t keep anything on his mind regarding the previous TDP-YSRC clash.

Speaking with the media, Mohan Babu confirmed that Balayya is a great individual who helped his son without thinking about the past and they are grateful for that.