IT means Ivanka Trump said KTR


KTR proved that when the opportunity comes he can move mountains. He just did that at the GES and impressed none other than the daughter of Trump and the Advisor to US President. He was invited to USA as her guest.

What more can KCR expect from his son? He is not a dud like other sons who are being called as Pappus from time to time.

KTR got the opportunity to moderate a session which was attended by Ivanka, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair, ICICI CEO Chanda Kochchar and others.

IT means Ivanka Trump said KTR

And right from the beginning, KTR impressed Ivanka and she was floored with his English accent and the way he was conducting himself for the event.

“Hyderabad is known as an Information Technology (IT) hub. But for the past few days, the word IT has become more popular and every Hyderabadi’s heart beats for IT.

No, not Information Technology, but Ivanka Trump,” he said, as the Ivanka blushed.

And she, too, was very much pleased with the praise and later invited KTR to the US to have bilateral discussions!