March 31st is the deadline for Aadhar link:Free water


The Aadhar linking has become a big issue when it comes to the free water. It is not easy for the apartment owners to link Aadhar with a finger print.

Every flat owner has to link Aadhar with the water board for free water. Otherwise that apartment will not get free water. It looks like the water board is trying to avoid free water to the extent possible.

But the consumers who have crossed 65 years of age are not able to give the thumb impression because of their age. Some individual house owners are not able to link the Mobile number as the number in Aadhar is different from that they have given to the board.

If the mother is owner, the connection would be her name and the phone number linked is by one of the family members. Now they have no other option but to change the name in the water connection.

In this way the water consumers have a lot of issues in linking the Aadhar with biometrics to the water board. Now some of them don’t have metres.

Some other metres are not working. They have to pay around Rs 2000 for the new meters. No one knows how this 20000 litres is measured. How far is this correct.

Now this linking has to be done before 31st March.