Is YS Rajasekhar Reddy happy in heaven?


No one really is able to figure out as to why Sharmila the sister of AP CM Jagan is planning to start a new party for the state of Telangana. Will she really go against Jagan and KCR ?
Rajasekhar Reddy her father never supported the division of the state and he has always tried to develop Andhra and especially the region f Rayalaseema.

Majority of the supporters of the YSR family belong to Rayalaseema. Then what for is Sharmila is looking at a new party here in Telangana is the real question.

BJP MP Bandi Sanjay has branded it as Halleluya party. TRS Minister said that is a religious party meaning Christian party. KCR the CM of Telangana said that new parties come and go.

But Sharmila is not in a hurry she is going forward in a strategic manner and getting ready for the early polls. There is no doubt that the Christians will vote for Sharmila and Brother Anil.

But there is a shake in the political circles and are talking about the proposed party of Sharmila. When it comes to reality YSR the father of Sharmila will never encourage all this.

He was a peoples man and always strived for the welfare of poor people. Neighter YSR nor Vijayamma will be happy with this development. Can Sharmila go against AP and his brother is another issue.