Mahesh is Rama and Hrithik is Ravana


Ramayana is being done by three producers in India. Allu Aravind is doing a Ramayana where Hrithik Roshan is the Ravana and Mahesh is said to be doing the role of Rama.

Deepika Padukone is Sita it is learnt. Prabhas is doing Adipurush where he is doing the role of Rama. The popular director of Baahubali fame Rajamouli is also thinking of a movie where there is the role of Rama.

He has not finalised any actor for Rama so far. The movie of Allu Aravind is being done with a budget of around 1000 crore and it will be released in various forms and many parts.

The technicians of Avatar are coming to India for this Ramayan from Allu Aravind it is reported. A combination of stars from different languages is being worked ot for the movie so that it can be released in all the languages possible in India and then it will be dubbed in foreign languages also.

The audience are not getting bored, they are watching Ramayana in all forms. Ramanand Sagar has minted tonnes of money on TV with Ramayana.

Adipurush of Prabhas will be released first and here Saif Ali Khan is Ravan. Kiara will be doing the role of Sita it is learnt. The Ramayana of Allu Aravind will take a lot of time. It is going to be a different kind of experience altogether.