Delivery of Vaccines by way of Drones


Now the central government is planning to deliver Covid vaccines by way of Drones. The idea is to see that the vaccine reaches the remotest of the areas in the targetted time.

It may be noted that the Modi Government has announced free vaccines to all sections of society. You can take it by way of payment also in private hospitals.

As per specifications spelt out by the Centre, the drones should take off vertically, carry a minimum payload of four kilograms and should be capable of returning home or the command station after delivery of the payload.

“Take off and landing will be as per DGCA guidelines. Parachute-based delivery will not be preferred,” the document says, adding the UAV must land safely with the vaccines.

The drones must be enabled for constant tracking, navigation and communication with the base station. “Drones should be able to follow a predefined flight plan and have real-time visibility of adherence to the flight plan.

The drones must follow fully autonomous take-off, flight and landing along GPS way-points,” the document has specified.

Drones must have multiple fail-safe options and follow DGCA norms.