MAA election electrifies Mohan Babu

mohan babu

Mohan Babu and their family members have become very active after winning the MAA elections. The success has made all the difference to Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu and also Lakshmi.

They were keeping quiet before the elections and were getting all the flops. Now Vishnu is doing three films and Mohan Babu is planning comm on OTT with a web series.

Lakshmi Manchu is also planning some projects. Mohan Babu and his son Vishnu are planning to meet Telanangana CM KCR and AP CM Jagan for winning the MAA election.

Prakash Raj the man who lost the election is trying to tinker with Mohan Babu and Vishnu in the name of CC footage, but they are not bothered. The Manchu family is just bulldozing ahead with the plans that are in place for them.

Vishnu has signed the pension files for the MAA members after taking charge. The visitors have also got increased to the MAA office and Mohan babus house.

Right now Mohan Babu and his family members are in flying colours.