Chandrababu praises Telangana CM KCR


Leaders of the Opposition of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu today praised the efforts of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao for taking the step to contain the drug smuggling in the state.

He compared KCR with Jagan and said that the Telangana has reviewed the situation with the police officers and the Andhra did nothing so far in this regard he pointed out.

He said that KCR was a better CM when compared to the Jagan Governance he stated. There was no law and order in the state of AP and that the police have become the stooges of the Government he condemned.

The YCP leaders are distributing Ganga from AP to all other states he explained. It is drug Andhra Pradesh he said. The people of the state must be alert against the drugs he warned.

The drug issue is a country issue and also a state issue he opined. The people must also fight against the drug problem he said. So far no one attacked the political party offices he stated. The people will teach a lesson to the YSRCP n the near future he said.

The police must go home if they cannot protect the law and order he stated.

I have seen many CMs but his man is behaving in a different manner Babu opined. YSRCP is trying to flare up caste and communal passions he stated.

Jagan will not come to power again he opined.