Long live India-USA friendship


The Indians are with full Josh to greet Trump form Gujarat said Modi the Indian PM in his welcome address. The people shouted long live India America friendship along with Modi.

India and America have come closer now Modi said. At the Worlds largest stadium Modi talked about the Worlds largest Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue.

Modi also mentioned Ivanka coming to India for the second time. She was earlier in Hyderabad. The world is waiting to hear Trump from Gujarat Motera stadium Modi stated.


He thanked Trump on behalf of Indians here. The crowd gave a standing ovation to Trump with Namasthe Trump. They hugged each other before Trump started his speech.

I have travelled 8000 miles to reach you, America loves respecs India and will be a true friend he said. Trump started his speech Namasthe India.

He thanked for a spectacular welcome and a remarkable hospitality Trump said. India will always have a special place in our hearts.