India is a strong and Tolerant country

Trump Speech


People gave Modi a landslide victory and he is a pride of Gujarat and a living proof that Indians can accomplish anything in India said Trump the President of USA. We are very proud of India he said.

He was taking at Mothera stadium along with PM Modi as part of his two-day visit.He said that the people love him and Modi is a tough person who started his career as a Tea seller Trump pointed out. India’s economy has grown many times and it has lifted people out of poverty under PM Modi.

People have power, they are connected to the internet. Millions have LPG and basic sanitation and this is incredible he said. India has the biggest middle-class community anywhere in the world and the poor class will not be there he opined.

India is growing as a prosperous and an Independent Nation. He praised Modi that he has done it as a free and tolerant country. Modi thanked him with folded hands.

India and USA have a natural and enduring friendship he stated. He talked about the preachings of Swami Vivekananda. This country produces around 2000 movies a year known as Bollywood he said.

He talked about SRKs DDLJ. He talked about Sachin and Kohli. Trump mentioned about Diwali and crackers and Holi. India’s unity is an inspiration to USA.

Gujarat is a special place he said. He praised the ability of Modi front left and right. Modi was overwhelmed with the gesture of Trump. Will plant a tree, place a wreath at Rajghat he said. Later we will see the Tajmahal Trump said.

This is Tiger Triumph he stated. We make the best of defence systems and we are dealing with India he stated. We are selling choppers to Indian armed forces Trump announced. We will protect India pacific region he assured.

We will fight against Islamic Terrorism Trump promised. Al Baghdadi is dead he said. Every Nation has the right to secure the borers he said.

Booming America is a big market for India he said. He talked about Chandrayan. USA and India will be partners in the voyage to the Space he said.