Learn modern cultivation from Israel

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Chief Minister K Chandasekhar Rao suggested that the Agriculture Officials should pay a visit to Israel to study the modern cultivation techniques.At the formation of Telangana State, only 35 Lakh tonnes Paddy was cultivated in the state. Now we are cultivating 1.10 Crore tonnes of Paddy.

The major irrigation projects being constructed with a lot of toil are supplying irrigation water to 1.25 Crore Acres. Another 40 lakh acres are cultivated under borewells.

The Telangana State is becoming as a great agriculture-based state with 4 Crore-food grains production every year. Under these circumstances, the agriculture department should be strengthened. Agriculture officials should extend help to farmers at every step,” the CM said.

“The practice of farmers going in for one crop on a regular basis should do away with. Change in crops cultivation should come to play. Change in crops would lead to more yield and profits. There is a dearth of labour in the villages.

There is a need to increase mechanization in agriculture sector. Modern methods should come in the cultivation. The officials should create awareness among farmers on this regularly at the field level. Bring in Rythu Vedikas constructed in 2600 Clusters in the state operational.

Organise meetings with the farmers. Discuss on crop cultivation, change in crops pattern, mechanization, modern cultivation techniques, marketing and other issues and take decisions accordingly.

The Agriculture Extension Officers Cluster wise should tour the villages. They should record which crop is being cultivated in what extent of the land. Within ten days there should be a total clarity on the crops being cultivated in the State,” the CM instructed.