KTR is not having anti-bodies


Why KTR did not get Corona is a big mystery. Dr Rao who tested KTR for antibodies was surprised to note that he was not having any anti-bodies but he resisted from Corona.

The main reason that KTR did not get Corona was that he was wearing mask and sanitising his hands on regular basis. He even went to the Covid wards.

Talking to a web channel in an interview, KTR said that wearing the mask was very important. KTR opined that without giving proper water and Power on daily basis there was no use of giving a hanging bridge to the people of Hyderabad.

The daily needs and the hi-tech infrastructure has to balanced. KTR reminded that KCR wanted them to provide water and power to all in the city and then that they can go for other things like Bridges, IT etc.

KCR always is at the ground level, KTR said. There were places where people got water once in two weeks. But we changed the situation he said.

We purchased power and give 24 hours power to all and it is free for the farmers he explained. 4000 megawatts of renewable energy is being generated in the state he said. It is second in the country.

Political stability apart from the law and order are the hallmarks for the Government of Telangana he said. IT giants are in the state as they like Hyderabad and there are no disturbances.

We are beautyfying Hyderabad also he stated. Self- sustained micro cities will be created soon KTR said. Many areas will be developed with lung spaces and also water sport areas he said.