BJP MLA Raja Singh revolts against party

MLA Raja Singh

BJP MLA Raja Singh is very unhappy that his men did not get the GHMC seats in his constituency. Right now Raja Singh is not coming out as his relative expired.

Raja Singh clarified that his followers are very unhappy in the constituency. He made the top leaders responsible for not getting the seats for his followers.

Raja Singh is planning to write a letter to the higherups to this extent against the party leaders. People were counting the BJP MLAs as two in the Assembly. But now Raja Singh may not stick to the BJP in the near future.

Raja Singh from the beginning was unable to move closely with the party leaders. He was the lone MLA from the BJP, till Raghunandan got elected from Dubbaka.

With Raja Singh keeping to himself it could be very difficult for the BJP in the old city to get some seats. RajaSingh had differences with Laxman also. Now he is not having good terms with Arvind the MP.No one clarified on this issue so far.