KT Rama Rao


While the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir has assured that all is well in the state, the Telugu students have tweeted to K Taraka Rama Rao the working President of the TRS that they were asked to leave the Campus. The Telangana students from Kashmir NIT said that they were asked to leave the campus.

They do no know how to return to Telangana. The Working President KTR assured them that, the students will be taken back to Telangana and that they need not worry.

KTR has suggested the students and others who are from Kashmir to contact the Resident commissioner of Telangana Bhavan in New Delhi for further details. It si reported that the Telangana government is making arrangements for the students to return from J and K. Right now there is chaos and confusion prevailing in the J and K. There is no one to give proper information over the situation there.

But there are reports that more than 10000 troops were sent to J and K. There is a chance that the Central Government might initiate army action to flush out terrorists out of the valley in the coming days.