There is a chance that the BJP Government might make Jammu a separate state. Kashmir and Ladakh will become Union Terroritiories it is reported.

The Union Territories will be taken care of by the centre. It may be noted that the Abdullahs have met Prime Minister Modi and suggested him to go for fresh elections here in J and K. But the centre has different plans altogether for the valley.

That is the reason forces in large numbers have been moved and stationed in Jammu and Kashmir to avoid any land and order issues and violence.

It is rumoured that the centre was trying to impose curfew before the orders are issued for the separation of Jammu. The idea is to automatically abrogate Article 370 and 35 A.

All the Secretariat police personnel have been asked to deposit their weapons by this evening. That means the army will take control of the situation and the orders will be from the centre.

The security has also been withdrawn from many shrines which is not a right sign. The courts have been suggested to report to the respective police authorities.

Airports Secretariat, DD, radio stations and police stations have been ordered to be kept closed for the next 10 days according to the informed sources.

But all of this is yet to confirmed by the right and official sources.