Kiss if you want-but why a Kiss festival?

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu raised the issues of ‘beef ban’ in the country, saying one can eat beef if he wants, but why to have a festival for the same.

As VP of the country he has some limitations and cannot express his views like a politician. He himself agreed on this.

But Venkaiah is one person who cannot keep quiet. He will express his opinion and there is no doubt about this.

“You want to eat beef, then eat. Why festival? Similarly, a ‘Kiss Festival’, if you wish to kiss why do you need a festival or anyone’s permission for it,” Naidu said while addressing at the platinum jubilee celebration of Matunga-based R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics on Monday.

Kiss if you want-but why a Kiss festival?

Venkaiah also spoke about the issue on freedom of speech.

According to the V-P, freedom of speech also needs some regulation to protect the rights of others. He said that of the 700-odd universities in the country, only ‘few have problems’.

“Dissent is agreeable, but disintegration cannot be allowed. This should be understood by one and all,” he said while referring to the recent slogans advocating India’s disintegration which were allegedly shouted by some students at the Jawarharlal Nehru University, Delhi.