KCR is far better with media


When it comes to media, Telangana and particularly KCR the CM is far better than any other state or the Chief Minister. In many of the states, the media is kept at a distance and not treated well. But K Chandrasekhar Rao is one person who is always close to the media and treated media very well.

While other chief Ministers are keeping the media at bay, KCR is one man who is interacting with them and also having lunch and dinners with them. Recently after the elections, he was seen sitting with the media on the same table and having lunch.


But it is not the same in other states. Mamata, Maya and other leaders just keep the media at a distance and call them when in need. But KCR is one man who always treats media well and encourages them.

KCR never shied away from media, he shared his ideas and gave them good headlines from time to time. When compared to other states we can say that Telangana has a free media and the CM is media savvy person.

Even during his outstation trips, KCR is interacting with the local media and giving them the updates. Right from the Telangana agitation days, KCR has been with the media and the journey continues. We can conclude that he is more close to the media than any other CMs in the country.