Kamal to join Rajini for peoples welfare


Even before Rajini announced the rules and regulations of the game, Kamla Haasan the other star from Tamilnadu lifted his hand up saying they will not be rivals and they will come together for the welfare of the people.

Rajini is yet to react over the friendship hand extended by another political party in Tamilnadu. There is a chance that AIMIM will also join the super stars here ensuring the Muslim vote for Rajini.

The best wishes of the BJP are already with Rajini and what more he can expect for the coming elections ? Things are falling in line one after the other.

Now it is for Rajini to decide the future of his party with Autorickshaw symbol. All other parties can windup their shops for this election in Tamilnadu.

There is no doubt that Rajini might sweep the elections this time. Will he fill the void created by Amma is a different matter. Rajini is yet to announced his agenda for the people.

Kamal who lost the election miserably is hopeful to make some gains with the help of Rajini. Now we have to wait for the comments of Prakash Raj the popular villain who can criticise things at the level of Prime Minister also.

The people dumped him like extra luggage. He was rejected in the GHMC elections also in Hyderabad.