Its RGVs birthday today


Ram Gopal Varma, the controversial director is celebrating his birthday today. Next year he will be 60. Started his career with Shiva and made blockbusters like Satya and Rangeela.

He could command super duper stars like Amitabh Bachchan the Big B. He has produced directors like Puri Jagannath and also Krishna Vamsi. They come from RGVs school.

RGV is a man who could just shoot on roads and get a super duper success. Never depended on Lavish settings. Talked whatever he wanted and enjoyed his life leaving his family aside.

He made controversial remarks against big people like Chiranjeevi and Nagabau apart from Pawan Kalyan. He made movies during the Corona period and also for the OTT platforms.

Made money with webseries and used the latest technologies. He will be remembered in history for his unique style of making movies. His tweets are also very popular.

RGV almost sounds like a pervert when he talks to the ladies about ladies. He is not bothered about the audience. RGV says let them see or not see the movies.

RGV openly admits that he watches blue films in the morning and gains energy.