Is this the strategy of Prashant Kishore ?


Prashant Kishore these days is working for the Congress party. He has promised that he would make Rahul Gandhi the next PM of the country.

In that context, Sonia has announced that the next President of Congress will be elected in 2022. That means the new leadership will come just before the election and Prashant will be the General Secretary of the party. That is how he wants to enter the elections.

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi claimed that she is a full-time President of the Congress party in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) which has surprised many.

All these days Sonia Gandhi was standing in as interim President but out of nowhere, she claimed that she is the full-time President.

As long as the dynasty rule continues with the Congress party, the BJP will be very happy. The BJP knows very well that the Gandhi family cannot develop the party at any cost.

The BJP leaders can take rest till 2022 April.