Fuels burn people on a daily basis


The petrol has reached Rs 110 per litres and the diesel crossed Rs 100. The rates of both fuels are raising on daily basis by 35 paise each. There is no relief for the common man.

The LPG rates are also rising like anything. Some people say that by Diwali the petrol cost will go up to Rs 150 per litre. There is a talk that the rise in fuel and LPG rates make a dent in the BJP voting for Huzurabad.

This will be bad for Etela Rajendar who is already swimming against the tide. TRS is giving a tough fight to Etela here in Huzurabad. This will definitely have a bearing on the elections.

People are now thinking about Electronic vehicles and they are costly than regular vehicles. The automobile dealers are of the opinion that the demand for 4 wheelers is not that encouraging.

The rise in fuel rates are encouraging people to go for EVs but there are very few stations for the charging of these vehicles. In Mumbai, petrol is costing 111.17 per litre.

In Hyderabad, it is costing Rs 110. Lets hope the rates will come down in the near future.