Donald Trump

On Christmas eve which is supposed to be one of the biggest festivities in USA, President Donald Trump tweeted that he was all alone in the white house. When asked about the shut down in USA, Trump stated that one must be worried about the border security and not about Shut down. Shut down is not new he said.

President Donald Trump

Trump was all alone holed up in the white house and he wants the opposition to come to him and negotiate for the future. The opposition did not approve of the shut down mooted by Trump for constructing the wall in Texas. He said that border security was the top priority than anything else. Trump made 35 tweets in the last several hours.

It is pathetic that during the Christmas, that the President of America tweets that he is all alone. On the other hand, Trump is facing several investigations on his government and also his earlier businesses. The resignation of Mattis is a big concern for the government and also the defence sector.

He is working on North Korea and wants to meet Kim again.