There is no other way but for he Tollywood heroes to reduce the remuneration for saving the Tollywood from the present crisis of Corona Anand The producers who are ready with the movies are facing a severe financial crisis as they have borrowed money from the finances. The interests are mounting and if they have to survive in the industry the heroes must help them.

The only way to reduce their remunerations for eh film production and take the share from the movies. The Tollywood leaders are waiting for the Government to call a meeting where they can come up with a solution for screening the movies.

One way is to allow the theatres to run with 50 per cent occupancy. That is to sit in the alternate seats. If there are 200 seats, only 100 seats will be allowed to give the tickets.

Hero Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna will negotiate for the Tollywood, while Talaasani will talk on behalf of the Government. There is a chance that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao might also step in save the Film Industry from the present state of Crisis.